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Controlroom & Gear

Alles about our studiogear

The controlroom

The controlroom is situated next to the live room and vocal booth. The tuned controlroom is 35m2, so there is enough room for musicians to listen or play along (bass, guitar, or guide tracks for instance).

The Gear

The workflow is a combination of analogue and digital. I record with high-end pre amps from famous brands like API, Millennia, Retro Instruments, Universal Audio, TK Audio and more. The microphones I use are from Neumann, AKG, Schoeps, Coles, Royer, AEA, FLEA, Microtech-Gefell, etc.

I use the Audient ASP 8024 analogue recording console & Solid State Logic (SSL) Sigma for  summing and mixbus. This with a lot of analogue gear like EQ’s, compression and FX-units. Recording and mix capacity is 32 tracks. I can make 6 individual headphone mixes divided over 25 headphones for you. You can find the complete list of gear on the right (on mobile below).

Want to know what it sounds like?

That’s possible, listen here for some tracks I recorded and mixed or contact me for an appointment in the studio. I would be glad to advise you on the possibilities of your project. Fill out the contact form or call me at +31654316232

Mixing Console

SSL Sigma for summing and mixbus
Audient ASP 8024 HE inline mixing console
80 channels in mix
36 mic preamps and eq’s
48 busses
12 auxiliary busses
8 sub groups
Mixbus compressor


PMC IB2S with Bryston amps
Auratones with Quad amp (reference)
JVC boomblaster (reference)

Outboard gear

AML 1084 pre+eq (2x)
API 3124+
API 2500
API 550A EQ (4x)
API 560
API 500 VPR 10 slot Rack
Audient mix-bus compressor
Audient mic pre’s + eq’s (36x)
CAPI VP28 (4x)
Daking FET ll compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor (2x)
Gyraf Audio G14
Heritage Audio OST-4
Kush Audio Electra (2x)
Lexicon PCM70
Lexicon PCM90
Lexicon MPX 100
Line 6 Pod XT
Locomotive audio WT 72 (V72 Siemens)
Millennia HV3-8 (8 channel)
Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier
Retro Instruments Powerstrip
Rupert Neve 5043
Soundskulptor mp573 (2x)
Terratec MIC8
Tonelux TL5C compressor (2x)
Tonelux EQ5 (2x)
Tube Tech SMC 2B
TK Audio DP-1
TK Audio BC-501
Universal Audio 2-610
Universal Audio 2-1176
Urei 1176 REV-A (handgebouwde replica met NOS componenten)
Vintage Designs C1 (Neve)
Yamaha SPX 990


AEA R88a (stereo)
AKG C414 XLS (2x)
AKG D1200c (vintage)
AKG D112
Audix D6
Austrian Audio OC-818 (2x)
Beyer M260 (vintage)
Coles 4038 (2x)
Dynacore SHM420 (vintage)
FleA 47
FleA 49
FleA 12 (2x)
Neumann U87ai
Neumann Gefell PM750 (vintage)
Neumann Gefell mv 692 (vintage)
Neumann Gefell m70 capsule (vintage)
Microtech Gefell 92.1s
No Hype Audio LRM-01 ribbons (2x)
Royer R121
Schoeps CMC 6 Ug (2x)
Schoeps MK2 capsule (2x)
Violet Design The Finger (2x)
Sennheiser MD 421 (3x) (vintage)
Sennheiser MD 441 (2x) (vintage)
Sennheiser e 602 (1x)
Sennheiser e 604 (3x)
Sennheiser e 835
Shure Beta 91a
Shure SM57 (2x)
Shure 565D
Shure SM7b
Studio Projects C1

Computer & Convertors

Cubase 10.5
Geluidskaart RME HDSPe AES 32 (2x)
Convertors Lynx Aurora 16 AD/DA (2x)

Software / DSP

Sonnox (Sony Oxford)
Celemony Melodyne
Universal Audio Digital UAD
Waves (diverse bundles)
East West Goliath
Native Instruments complete 11 ultimate
Vienna Orchestra
Steinberg Halion 1 & 3
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX


Kawai RX7 (226cm, halve concertvleugel)
Tama Starclassic 22″BD, 8,10,12,14,16″toms,
Tama Starclassic snaredrum 14×5,5 (Berken)
Tama Starclassic snaredrum 13×6,0 (Bubinga)
Ludwig BM 14×6,5 (Staal)
Orange Rockerverb 50W Head
Orange 2×12 (V30’s)
Vintage Laney 4×12 cabinet
Vox AC30 Alnico Blue speakers
Fender Telecaster (USA)
Fender Stratocaster (USA, Vintage ’70)
Fender Jazzbass (USA)
Musicman Sterling
Diverse Akoestische gitaren

Headphone system

Koptelefoonsysteem voor 36 personen. Kan op aanvraag uitgebreid worden
Koptelefoons van Beyerdynamic, Philips, AKG, Sennheiser
In de opname ruimte zijn er 8 koptelefoonmixen mogelijk.